Abdullah: Continue to lend a helping hand

December 28, 2005

Tuesday December 27, 2005

KUALA LUMPUR: Continue to lend a helping hand and reach out to tsunami victims. 

This was the message from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to all Malaysians in conjunction with the first anniversary commemoration of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. 

“We cannot control the forces of nature, but each of us has the power to reach out across the globe with the intention of making a difference together,” he said at the launch of the campaign yesterday. 

In the world’s worst catastrophe on Dec 26, 2004, more than 200,000 people were killed across the region after a tsunami triggered by an earthquake off Sumatra hit several countries in Asia and Africa. 

Abdullah’s message was read by the Prime Minister’s special envoy for the tsunami relief operations Tan Sri Razali Ismail. 

“This is a unique opportunity for Malaysians to continue to lend a hand to our neighbours, and to ensure that the long term needs of the tsunami survivors are met,” he added. 

Force of Nature Aid Foundation ambassador Datuk Michelle Yeoh opened the event. 

The photography exhibition organised in collaboration with the Malaysian Chinese Photojournalists Association, featured 124 images of the two worst hit areas, Sri Lanka and Aceh.

Source: Bernama  



  1. Dear PM,

    The present Govt have done a lot of damage to the RAKYAT. High cost of living while salary remains with every essentials items going up! Rice, cooking oil, chicken, beef, pork etc, etc. Now with petrol increasing 41%, electricity also increased, I think this really going to cause havoc! If you really want to help look into the income tax. How to maintain a wife for RM3,000 per annum? With everything increasing the personal tax exempt of RM8,000 per annum is definitely need to look into after so many years! How to raise a child with just RM1,000 per year???!!!Just the cost of food and milk powder will be more than RM1,000!!!
    My petrol to travel to work alone now with the 41% increase in petrol price will be RM6,000 per annum!
    Perhaps reasonably look into these and perhaps next election the RAKYAT will have more faith in the Govt again.
    Personal tax exempt = RM12,000
    Non working wife = RM8,000
    Children = RM3,000 per kid

    Walter Ang

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